Launching Logistics for NA's and Labor Day Regatta

MRA Labor Day Regatta

  • No yacht clubs will accept boats prior to noon September 5th and Riverhead will not accept trailers or boats during Labor Day weekend. All Labor Day Regatta participants must sail and store out of Marblehead Boating Center.
  • Labor Day Regatta participants may have an opportunity on Wednesday September 5th to receive a tow to Eastern Yacht Club so masts do not have to be lowered.
  • In order to participate in the Labor Day Regatta, the following fees must be paid: (1) a $80 for single round trip fee at Marblehead Boating Center which will cover the storage and crane use for both MRA Labor Day weekend through September 9th (2) a one-time $40 fee ($20 per day) for Labor Day MRA registration. The MRA payment should be made payable to:
    Marblehead Racing Association
    PO box 382
    Marblehead, MA 01945
    Contact person: Cheryl Byrne at

2012 VIPER 640 North Americans


All competitors are encouraged to launch, store and haul their boats using Eastern Yacht Club (“EYC”) and Pleon Yacht Club’s drysail storage, moorings, two cranes and ramp.

However, due to the number of vessels competing in the regatta and a projected launch or haul time of close to two (2) hours using two cranes for the entire fleet, some of you may wish to leave your boat in the water for the entire duration of the regatta.

Please contact the following if you do not want sail out of EYC or plan to wetsail:

  • Mike Smith from Eastern Yacht Club: 781-631-4059 … wet sail only
  • Mark Toso from Corinthian Yacht Club: 978-837-7588
  • Brian Barmmer from Boston Yacht Club: 617-438-6797
  • Kay VanValkenburgh from Marblehead Boating Center: 617-834-8354

Eastern Yacht Club, Corinthian Yacht Club, Boston Yacht Club and Marblehead Riverhead Beach will not be available for either trailer or boat storage prior to noon on Wednesday September 5th.

If you require keel installation, you must arrive and register at the Eastern Yacht Club on Wednesday, not Thursday morning. The Eastern Yacht Club’s jinpole should be used to lift your boat off your trailer for purposes of installing your keel.

If you choose to wetsail your boat for the entirety of the Viper 640 North American regatta, you are encouraged to store your trailer at Riverhead Beach.

Boats launching and hauling out of the Eastern Yacht Club will be drysailed either on Pleon Yacht Club’s stone pier or in a cordoned off section of Eastern Yacht Club’s parking lot.

Eastern Yacht Club member volunteers will manage the launching and hauling logistics of the regatta and only these individuals are permitted to operate the cranes located at the end of Pleon Yacht Club’s stone pier. The Pleon cranes are operated between 8 am and turned off at sunset.

In the best interest of safety and smoothness of flow during launching and hauling, the use of cars for moving trailers/boats will not be permitted. All trailers with or without their boat will be moved using manpower. It is therefore important that your trailer front wheel and tire are in good operating condition.

An Eastern Yacht Club volunteer will operate a vehicle to facilitate the launching and hauling via the Pleon stone pier ramp. Competitors will not be permitted to use their vehicles to launch or haul the boats via the ramp. A regatta support boat vessel will assist the delivery of your boat to the ramp. This support boat will also help transition you between the Pleon dock and nearby “staging” moorings used for alleviating dock capacity constraints and shuttling boats from various locations in the harbor.