Boat Inspections

This year at the Viper 640 North Americans, volunteers from the Class technical committee will be doing a brief physical inspection of each competing boat.

To complete the NAs registration process and be eligible to race you'll need to have the attached form (which will also be part of your registration package) signed off by a member of the tech committee.  It's a simple process that should take about 10 minutes assuming you have everything ready and available for review.  Find Tim Carter, Ben Steinberg or Dave Nickerson on Wednesday and they will make it happen.

The list is straight forward and is simply a summary of some the more obvious requirements in our Class rules.  We're sending it now so you can check your boat at your convenience ahead of time and make sure for example, that you pack your paddle and tow line.

Sail registration stickers will need to be shown on the up 2 sets of sails you can use.  If you need some sail stickers, please do it ahead of time if possible.  Buttons may be purchased on the class website.  Tim, Ben, Dave and Tony Chapman will have some stickers available at the event, but bring cash or checks (and beer).